Sea Otter Awareness Week!

The ideal gift to celebrate Early Autumn!

Your heart is pulling you toward adventure. Are you following?

Welcome to Milford-Haven . . . a fictional town with a real message for readers.


Escape to the spectacular scenery of California’s Central Coast for a touching, inspiring story about a painter and how her research reveals the behavior secrets of our closest ocean neighbors, as well as the controversy over its human competitors . . .

  • Sea otters are just adorable creatures who live in coastal waters, right? Hardly a topic of controversy, right? Except that . . .
  • They compete with commercial fishermen for the coveted high-market urchins that would otherwise destroy the sea kelp forest along the Santa Barbara coast
  • Environmentalists want to protect them
  • Oil companies want them moved away from their offshore oil rigs
  • The closest military base wants them moved away so their important maneuvers are unimpeded
  • And . . . someone keeps shooting the local sea otters. But who?

When Otters Play won the AMERICAN FICTION AWARD, as well as the GOLD GLOBAL EBOOK AWARD, and was also honored with a GOLD at the LOS ANGELES BOOK FESTIVAL BOOK AWARDS, and it was a FINALIST at the INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS!

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