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American Voices with Senator Bill BradleyMara Purl Interview
American Voices with Senator Bill Bradley
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August 11, 2013[audio:https://www.marapurl.com/wp-content/audio/MaraPurl-interviewd by BillBradley-AmericanVoicesSiriusXM-8-2013.mp3]

Mara Purl is interviewed by Senator Bill Bradley on his program American Voices. They discuss writing, e-books versus print books, living a life in the arts in today’s economy, and living not only from the head, but from the heart.

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# Send Indie Gift Book

Can other authors use this program? Of course! I designed it for all of us to use. Just follow the simple steps I outlined above. I guarantee you’ll be doing something practical, something good, and something generous. Continue reading

Part II – Books versus TV, Narrative Voice versus Scripted Scenes: Bosche, Milford-Haven

We authors dig deep to find the truths lurking in the souls of our characters. When these truths surface, we have little choice but to write them down, if we want to be authentic. And remember, the root of the word “author” is the same as the root of the word Continue reading

Part I – Books versus TV, Narrative Voice versus Scripted Scenes: Longmire, Outlander

A Guest Post by Mara Purl

Every author wants their novels to be made into a film or a television series. Right?

So let’s take a look at how these two worlds of “series”—both the readable and the viewable kind—connect, overlap, or compete. Some people discover a great series first on TV, then want to dig deeper by reading the original books. Some don’t want to see the adaptation on a screen until they’ve delved into the books, sometimes referred to by producers as “source material.”

Here we’ll take a look at works by Diana Gabaldon (the Outlander series), and Craig Johnson (the Longmire series).

Enjoy reading this post at the Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris Writing About Writing Blog.

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