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STAR Co-teacher — David Small, Drama Teacher

Motives for Mayhem
Written by the students of Charlottesville High School


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This is one of the most experimental of all the STAR projects. The assignment at Charlottesville High School was nick-named “Mission Impossible.” Why? Because Mara proposed doing a FULL SEMESTER IN ONE HOUR! Did she succeed? Yes!

Students of Drama chair David Small prepared homework (e-mailed in advance by Mara) and jumped in with both feet. In Charlottesville as a speaker at the Virginia Festival of the Book, Mara asked students to choose a disturbing topic in the news as a theme for their show. The students chose SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

Mara asked the group to divide into two: one group would be characters at the school, the other would be a TV Network. Purl, Small and the students came up with a terrific structure which students performed as an improv.

The show – tentatively titled Motives for Mayhem – was SUPERB! It was recorded LIVE in the Charlottesville High School auditorium.

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