Mary Shelley – In Her Own Words

a play by Mara Purl & Sydney Swire

Mara plays Mary Shelley, one of the most famous authors in the English language. Writing the play required extensive scholarship and research, including a private invitation into the British Museum archives. Performing the play brings to life the innermost fears, griefs, and thrills of the author of Frankenstein. Be prepared for the unexpected story behind the story in an intimate setting that takes audiences into the mind of a daring author . . . and the heart of a passionate woman . . .

Mara Purl & Sydney Swire won the Peak Award for their play, performed by Mara as a one-woman tour-de-force in four productions from Colorado to Tokyo. Suitable for either a single performer, or for a cast of three, this unique, historically accurate play travels well and delights audiences, especially during the Halloween season. For more information, please contact us!