Sea Marks

a play by Gardner McKay

Mara plays Timothea Stiles, a young publisher who risks it all when she finds a lonely Irishman with poetry in his soul. Trouble is, Colm Primrose has written that poetry for her, not for publication. Has she found her once-in-a-lifetime love? Or her ticket to fame and fortune? Does she adhere to her Welsh farm roots? Or be tempted by the city? A love story to shudder the soul, inspire the mind, and tug at the heart.

Mara Purl & Christopher Law have co-starred in six sold-out productions of their favorite play. Playwright Gardner McKay attended their first performances, admired their work, and became their friend. Mara & Christopher are always eager to perform this audience pleaser. If you know a theatre that might be interested, please let us know!