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The award-winning Prequel in the Milford-Haven Saga


What a perfect title for this novella. Once again Purl pulls out all the stops and goes straight to the heart of the story. This is the where it all began – Miranda’s quest for the life she wasn’t aware she wanted and needed. The descriptions are so spot on you can almost feel you are in the flower fields in Central California, I could taste the food at French Laundry, and could picture the murals in Miranda’s space in the house she shares with her sister. Sibling relationships are complicated at best, and Purl offers the perfect mix of closeness and rivalry. I’ve been a follower of Mara Purl’s work for years and am so happy to now know the back story of Miranda’s life. It’s also very comforting to know that listening to your heart over your common sense is, at times, the right thing to do.
Linda Thompson, Host of TheAuthorsShow.com

“When the Heart Listens by Mara Purl is a novel featuring two wildly different sisters. Miranda is beyond artistic, working as a landscape artist expressing herself through lovely works of art. Her sister, Meredith, on the other hand, works as a successful financial investment advisor. When their mother cooks up a scheme to bring the pair closer together, they experience arguments, new love interests, career opportunities, and most importantly strengthen their beautiful bond. This book highlights the importance of maintaining family bonds even in one’s adult life as we are taken through the many highs and lows of the Jones family and the relationship between the Jones sisters. Above all, the message of following your heart and dreams is embedded very well in this story and will undoubtedly influence readers in a positive way. Overall, Mara Purl’s family saga is a captivating story with a fully developed plot, detailed descriptions, and heartwarming characters.
Elite Choice Awards (Winner-Gold-Fiction)

“Mara Purl’s novel, When the Heart Listens, tells the heartwarming story of two sisters on a journey to find balance between their relationship, their professions, and their hopes for the future. Intense and competitive, Meredith is the new VP of client relations at a high-powered financial management firm trying to make her mark in a male-dominated career field. She navigates the choppy waters of her workplace, establishing professional boundaries with men who have no boundaries. Relaxed and contemplative, Miranda is an artist who focuses on nature and sees the world in a vivid spectrum of colors. Their personalities collide when their mother talks them into sharing a house together. Their family comes from money and Meredith is well on her way to following suit, but Miranda doesn’t measure success in money. This novel brings to life a unique cast of characters in a story about love, family, reflection, aspirations, and finding joy in life’s journey. Warm and beautifully descriptive, When the Heart Listens follows two sisters on their path to fulfilling their dreams while finding connection with each other.”
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Gold – International Book Award – Novella
Silver – Independent Press Award – Women’s Fiction
Silver – New York City Big Book Award – Women’s Fiction
Silver – San Francisco Book Festival Book Award
Winner – USA Best Book Award, Novella
Winner – Book Excellence Award, Faction
Winner – Pinnacle Award, Novella
Winner – Elite Choice Award, Women’s Fiction
Silver – Global eBook Award, Short Story
Finalist – American Fiction Award, Women’s Lit