National Hummingbird Day

The ideal gift to celebrate End of Summer!

Your heart is dreaming. Are you paying attention?

Welcome to Milford-Haven!

. . . a fictional town with a real message for readers.

Escape to the spectacular scenery of California’s Central Coast for
a touching, inspiring story about a painter and how her art rescues a tiny bird.

Others were leaving the hummer for dead, but Miranda could feel his spirit still hovering near. What would bring him back?

Protagonist Miranda Jones is an accomplished wildlife artist, and she trusts that the image she creates will reach into the heart of her small winged friend.

Based on a real moment the author experienced, this is a true story of the heart.

When Hummers Dream is the multiple AWARD WINNING first wildlife adventure in the
Milford-Haven saga, having captured the Gold at the USA Book News Best Book Awards!

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