Share Your Postcard with Mara

On the back of each Milford-Haven novel, you’ll notice the image of a postcard sent by protagonist Miranda Jones to her sister Meredith.

In the real world, author Mara Purl receives e-mails, Tweets, Facebook postings, Pinterest comments . . . but also good old-fashioned postcards. There’s something magical about these small treasures . . . hand-written missive on one side, and a photo or a piece of art on the other . . . that flies across the world to land in a mailbox.

So, did you enjoy one of Mara’s books? Send her a postcard! We’ll scan it and post it here. Send your postcard to:

Mara Purl
c/o Bellekeep Books Mountain Office
1837 S. Nevada, Suite 209
Colorado Springs, CO 80906