A Milford-Haven Novels Recap

wthk-artmhnUpdate from Milford-Haven . . .

Early Editions of the Milford-Haven Novels are now out of print. For information regarding the limited quantities that are available, please visit www.HavenBooks.net/Fiction.

The following is a brief summary of each of the Milford-Haven Novels.

What the Heart Knows — A Milford-Haven Novel — Book One . . . The peaceful coastal town of Milford-Haven is unaware that reporter Chris Christian is being murdered while investigating a half-built house on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Artist Miranda Jones encounters oil magnate Zack Calvin who might be the man of her dreams and takes him to the Cove. Meanwhile on Main Street, Sally is dishing up home cooking and perfecting her eavesdropping on everything from Jack Sawyer’s nefarious building practices to Environmental Planning Commissioner Samantha Hugo’s secret journal.

Closer Than You Think — A Milford-Haven Novel — Book Two . . . With the disappearance of beautiful reporter Chris Christian, Deputy Delmar Johnson searches the Central Coast for clues, while the Doobie Brothers give a sold-out concert at the Central Coast Bowl against a web of complex relationships backstage. And in the town of Milford-Haven, Jack Sawyer’s building schemes threaten the environment, Sally O’Mally’s eavesdropping undermines careers, Zack Calvin’s indiscretions entangle both Miranda Jones and Cynthia Radcliffe, and Miranda would do anything to ease the anguish of secrets locked away in Samantha Hugo’s journal….

Child Secrets — A Milford-Haven Novel — Book Three . . .Probing the Central Coast for missing reporter Chris Christian, Deputy Delmar Johnson encounters a badly beaten Stacey Chernak and suspects a connection to his case. Just hours after his romance with Miranda Jones ignites, Zack Calvin’s life is endangered by a powerful underwater explosion just off the Santa Barbara coastline. Meanwhile Sally O’Mally flees Milford-Haven to decide the fate of her unborn child; Jack Sawyer reacts to the revelation of a life-long secret; and Susan Winslow considers breaking and entering to discover secrets locked away in Samantha Hugo’s journal….

Cause and Conscience — A Milford-Haven Novel — Book Four . . . Hoping for a break in the case of missing reporter Chris Christian, Deputy Delmar Johnson is encouraged when her journal is discovered inside her abandoned car. Painter Miranda Jones leaves Milford-Haven for a month in Alaska, where she teaches, paints, poses almost nude for a captivating mentor, camps and travels extensively with astronomer Cornelius Smith, and has a near-death experience in a kayak on Kachemak Bay. Zack is home from the hospital, but nothing seems right; he misses Miranda, but is still entangled with Cynthia. Meanwhile Sally O’Mally, back home with Mama in Arkansas, finally ties the knot with the love of her life, Tony Fiorentino. In her journal, Samantha Hugo tackles the deep issues her conscience refuses to let her outrun: the son she gave up, and the marriage she deserted.

Nobody’s Fault — A Milford-Haven Novel — Book Five . . . Up Next! Milford-Haven suffers an earthquake . . . and much more.

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