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Novice Christian logoThanks for joining me on the 2012 MARA-thon! This includes a national blog tour, as well as a physical book tour through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California. During the entire MARA-thon, please be sure to download your FREE prequel short story, When Whales Watch at As of January 1, you’ll be able to find purchase links for all e-readers here: When Whales Watch.

This is posted from the road during my All-Indie-Bookstore book tour titled MAPPING THE JOURNEY OF YOUR HEART. Revisit the entire tour at any time by visiting where you’ll see event details, links to the bookstores, and soon, photo archives. To thank my blog hosts, I created the Double Blog Tour which includes “blog-backs” like this one. The Blog Tour will be archived at

Melissa Clark has a passion for books. She’s a reviewer, a blogger, and a blog tour host for Charisma Media. As one of her blog tour guests, it was my pleasure to answer her thoughtful questions, and to sense her own enthusiasm for the written word. Melissa also describes herself as a born-again Christian, and it’s clear she has an equal passion for her faith. A recent convert, she has chosen a blog title that shows both her religious persuasion, and her humility.

One thing I found fascinating about Melissa is that she finds inspiration in the recurring themes she observes — either in waking life, or in dreams. To me, that makes her a kindred spirit, in that we both enjoy sharpening our awareness of human behavior. But beyond that, we seem to have a mutual interest in the layers of consciousness. I imagine, like me, Melissa finds herself asking, “Why?” If behaviors, responses, and experiences do repeat enough to become thematic, what is the cause? What, at the deepest level, are we working on? And though she and I may use different religious reference points, I would also agree with her that this is largely a spiritual endeavor.

My contention is that everyone of us is already on our spiritual journey, whether or not the signposts are painted with a religious paintbrush. When faith is as tangible as it is to a generous blogger and reviewer like Melissa, it is “the substance of things hoped for.” So whether or not you share her faith, her blog is an invitation to explore spiritual awareness on many levels, and to discover a host of other authors committed to their own faith-journeys. Some of my readers are finding it interesting to trace the evolving inner journey of my protagonist Miranda from reason to faith, or from head to . . . Where the Heart Lives.

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