Mara Purl – Presenter – Mentors & the Author’s Path

Mara Purl – Presenter – Mentors & the Author’s Path
October 13th from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Mara Purl – Presenter

SLO NightWriters
Meeting held at
United Church of Christ
11235 Los Osos Valley Road
San Luis Obispo, California

SLO NightWriters Website

Join Mara on a journey through her varied and fascinating career as she reveals who were some of her major influencers, teachers and mentors. Enjoy stories about Louis L’Amour, James Michener, Margaret Coel, Joseph Campbell and several others. Hear how she went from television star to her own radio drama creator and from script writer to best-selling novelist.

Book Signing following the presentation!

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