Indie Book Tour – Moby Dickens, Taos, NM

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This is posted from the road during my All-Indie-Bookstore book tour titled MAPPING THE JOURNEY OF YOUR HEART. Revisit the entire tour at any time by visiting where you’ll see event details, links to the bookstores, and soon, photo archives. Also join me on the ongoing Double Blog Tour, which will be archived at

MobyDickens150x143What a delight to return to the charming Moby Dickens in Taos, New Mexico, a store that radiates originality and creativity in a town of originality and creativity. It did seem especially apt this year, with my latest short story being titled When Whales Watch – a tale that features the same species about which Melville penned his famous Moby Dick. In his story, the aggressive behavior of the behemoth almost seems to justify the obsessive rampage of his hunter. In my tale, we see into the creature in ways not available until modern science began to reveal some of the wonders of this cetacean who boasts the largest brain on earth.

The other part of the bookstore’s name suits as well, since Charles Dickens made famous, and tremendously popular, the serial story, and I’ve picked up that thread with my serial novels. I know they annoy some readers! (One reason I’m adding the stand-alone short stories.) But I also know most readers adore a continuing story, just as I do.

Moby Dickens is under new ownership since I was here last January, but the delightful couple who’ve taken over the venerable store are carrying on its best traditions and adding some good new ones of their own—like adding a social media component to extend their reach and interconnect their customers. So I wish Jay and Carolyn Moore all the very best with their new-old venture, a wonderful store that’s long been a hub of Taos.

The bookseller who gets the gold star for my tour so far is Betty Palmer, who was in charge of my book signing. Following last year’s tradition, she baked one of the recipes from my novel, offering delicious, crisp annis cookies that she manifested right out of the Star Party chapter of Where the Heart Lives. What fun! (And how yummy!) But in addition, Betty also created a collage for the front window of the store, featuring every story elements in my book: the Doobie Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl, a map of California, a whale leaping from the water, exotic felines . . . they were all there in an intriguing visual display that had customers stopping to enjoy, decipher, and then attend the event.

Now THAT is bookselling! She read, she assimilated, she shared. She even memorized a lovely introduction for me before I began to speak to the attendees. If I had a diamond tiara, Betty would be wearing it now. Don’t miss a chance to visit Moby Dickens. When you do, you’ll Betty has saved a few signed copies of my books for you. I’ll be back next year with a new recipe!

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