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Blog Tour Visit #14: A Latte and Some Words

Certain things just go together: spaghetti and tomato sauce; summer and cricket song; December and pine-scented candles. Lattes and words are like that. For we writer-types, one often leads to the other. That’s how it was this Sunday, being a guest on A Latte and Some Words.

I’ve been known to seek out cafes—during their off hours preferably—and create a mini-office, a bubble where time doesn’t pass at the usual pace, the rest of my to-do list is missing, and a space opens that I can fill with my creative surge. These days, I grab my netbook and head to the nearest Starbucks, where the latte is superb, the atmosphere designed for the likes of anyone needing a personal bubble in a public space all of which encourages the Muse to pull up a chair at my table.… Read more

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Iconic Feminine and Masculine

As an author and storyteller, I like to think in archetypes. And nowhere are visual icons more evident than in New York City. I’ve come to think of these two most iconic of all buildings—the Empire State and the Chrysler—as the god and goddess of the architectural landscape. 

This past week in the City everything did seem larger than life. Nothing is more full of dreams writ large than the Jacob Javits Center during Book Expo America. Posters are ten times their normal size, hung in the hangar-like structure as though being pulled by planes swooping low enough to be read.… Read more

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