Blog Tour Visit #15: Girlfriend Books

There’s nothing in the world like Girlfriends. I’m talking about Girlfriend with a capital “G”, the fond appellation that signifies the way one woman feels about another woman she trusts, respects, and loves.

Women’s Fiction, which is what I write, exists in the Girlfriend Zone. Why? Because it sparks conversations, reminds us of our escapades, engenders the kind of reflection that inspires growth and encourages self-esteem. So my new novel What the Heart Knows and my conviction that as I write my books I’m having a conversation with women friends, made me a perfect match for the wonderful blog.

The moment you click onto the page you smile. First, there’s the cute woman clutching a book, ready to spring up and over the slogan: “Books We Know You’ll Love.” And from there, you can enjoy clicking through a menu of book icons with headings like “domestic goddess,” “friends in need,” “financially savvy,” and my personal favorite, “fiction lovers.”

Girlfriendbooks was born in 2002, the creation of two old college friends who lived in different states. The site’s original and current owner, Maria Micolucci, started her career online with one of the first releases of online coupon code sites,, in 2000, creating a loyal following by providing excellent shopping tips on a regular basis. That site no longer exists, but Girlfriend books has replaced it, and then some. With more followers than ever, Maria and her team have added reviews of gift guides, they’ve launched, and another favorite: girlfriend getaway destinations. Having experienced an amazing long weekend with my closest women friends, I just love the notion that I have some new Girlfriends in Pennsylvania who are out there looking for the next fabulous destination for me and my friends.

The site is as fun and inviting as a shopping trip with your gal pals. It makes you want to explore its nook and crannies, grab its bargains, and then sit down with your bulging shopping bags and read a good book—one you just bought, thanks to their recommendation. Updated frequently, it’s full of surprises, just as any good shopping trip should be. I’m thrilled that their followers will now find among their new surprises a link to my free e-book When Hummer Dream. And soon, I hope a whole lotta new Girlfriends will be enjoying What the Heart Knows!

I’ll end with Maria’s closing from the GirlfriendBooks site. “To all you girlfriends out there – enjoy, and remember, be kind to one another.  As Mother Teresa once said, “if you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

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