Discovering a New World

In our somewhat over-populated world (depending upon where we live), with centuries of human history behind us, it may seem that when it comes to the notion of discovering a new world, the ship sailed long ago. So if we want to experience something entirely new, get away to an undiscovered country and chart unknown waters, is our only option to pretend?

Since I write fiction, some might think I’d say yes. Yet there is both exterior and interior exploration, and my novel series explores both. On the external side—which we might also call a journey of the head—there’s plenty to engage the senses and challenge the mind. How do we, for example, carve out enough time in our wild-and-crazy schedules to allow for fresh air, quiet time, and a visit to a beautiful, inspiring location?

It’s not easy, but most of us know it’s actually wise to take up this challenge. After even the briefest vacation—wherein we vacate our usual premises—we get a sense of perspective at the very least, and at most, we might even achieve a true sense of renewal. One way to achieve this goal is to plan a trip to California’s Central Coast. In my Small Town Guide at I created a comprehensive list that takes you from maps to non-fiction travel guides all the way to small-town fiction, including my own.

And then, there’s the internal journey—the journey of the heart—one whose infinitude might at first be easier to grasp. After all, what are the limits of your imagination? How high can your heart soar when you’re happy? How deep can your intuition delve when you’re committed to get at the root cause of an issue?

The thing about real discovery is that it’s not familiar. Columbus and his intrepid crews didn’t recognize the land they encountered—mistaking it for India—any more than the Native People surprised at their arrival recognized the strange conveyances that appeared over their horizon.

So, at first glance, you might think the Milford-Haven Novels are nothing new. They tell a small-town story, a story everybody already knows, right? Wrong! Here you’ll encounter cross-connecting journies that cause conflicts but also synergies, missed opportunities but also extraordinary connections, disappointments that sometimes lead to synchronicities.

So thank you for joining me on 10-10-11—launch day for What the Heart Knows. The Livestream Launch was a journey into brand new territory technologically, literarily, and emotionally. In the physical world, I sat with my marketing team in an isolated studio. Yet in the virtual world, the launch was reaching some of the millions who followed my recent blog tour. Amazing! What a thrill it was to get confirmation we really were reaching followers as the e-mails began to flow into the studio. What a thrill it was to hear from readers from Los Angeles to Wales! It did my heart good to hear from every one of you!

Even though this day was weeks, months, and even years in the making, the actual journey is just beginning! You can join any time by visiting my website. Or you can continue your journey by clicking on to find your treasure. We have a book—and other treats—waiting for you right now. What is it like discovering a new world? Come with me, and we’ll find out together.

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