Don’t Miss Your Leap

Since this is a year when the “leap day” is missing, I decided to make sure I don’t miss an important “leap” in my career as an author of women’s fiction.

Leaping seems to be about two things: timing, and courage. Timing-wise, if you leap too soon—or too late—there might be nothing to land on. Leaping at the right time, though, is probably the most dynamic thing you can do. I learned that on a Greenpeace Voyage to save whales (and my character “Miranda” in What the Heart Knows learned the same lesson). Transferring from a small Zodiac inflatable to a 180-foot coastal mine-sweeper—in a roiling sea—timing was everything.

Courage is the only way you can get the timing to work. Feeling brave before or after the event won’t help. To leap, you need courage, and you need it now. That’s where I am at the moment—leaping into a whole new world with my new publishers. The time is now. And I figure if the time is now for me, it’s also now for my readers.

My heart’s desire is to leap forward, not by myself, but by declaring a time of prosperity and possibility for others. Between now and September—launch date for book one of the Milford-Haven Novels—I’m on the look-out for possible leaps. Is there a leap you’ve been considering? Is the timing right? Is something holding you back? Is something in your way? Maybe sharing it, we can inspire each other—either with courage or timing.

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