Presidential Aspirations

Have you ever thought about being President? What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you ponder the notion? Is it something like, “Ack! No way!” Everyone who’s ever held that office must’ve had a similar moment—or many such.

So, have you ever wanted to be president of anything? Have you ever been president of anything? I remember so clearly how I felt on my first day as president of CIPA, Colorado Independent Publishing Association Heart pounding, I kept thinking, “I must be crazy! What Was I Thinking??” 

Why? What’s so frightening about leadership? I began to realize that, as an author, I was already “president” of my Milford-Haven Novels. I already had full responsibility for the message they convey, the way that message is conveyed, and the how of getting the writing done at the highest possible standard. Since signing a contract with my new publishers—one of the most exciting moments of my career—this is true now more than ever. 

Maybe leadership looks more or less terrifying depending upon our POV—a term used in fiction that stands for “point of view.” So imagine you’re standing in front of a thousand people and forgot to prepare your speech. That could be described as a heart banging experience. Now imagine you’re standing in front of those thousand people, and you’re about to tell them you have one million dollars to give each of them. How would that transform your experience? You might say that’d be a moment where you’d be leading with your heart. Yet all that really happened is you shifted your POV from being someone with nothing to give, to being someone with a lot to give.  

This is probably one of the most important things writing Women’s Fiction has taught me—that I truly have something to give to my readers. Rethinking my aspirations has meant letting go of the fear that I don’t have much to give, and accepting the reality that my opportunities are starting to align with my gifts. What will adjusting your goals mean in your life? Join me as I transform my aspirations and my aspirations transform me. Happy Presidents’ Day. Your enlarged opportunities might surprise you!

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