When Whales Watch – Print Book Debut – February 20, 2021

“When Whales Watch” by Mara Purl
February 20, 2021
World Whale Day

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February 18-19-20

Can whales watch the humans who watch them? Miranda Jones is convinced they can and do. She’s looking forward to her day of whale-watching off California’s Central Coast. In preparation for a painting commission, she’ll be photographing the migrating gray whales. Yet even while the boat plies the coastal waters, she senses a presence below the waves, one that speaks to her heart. Miranda loves her new hometown Milford-Haven, set within the undiscovered beauty of California’s Central Coast. And she’s always wanted to explore the lovely mariners’ town Morro Bay, just a few miles south, where she enjoys meeting Captain Wallace, owner of the boat excursion company To-Morro-Today. The day-trip starts out peacefully enough. But the tables are turned when a whale of a different species turns out to be watching her. A rogue boat out of control . . . a rogue whale out of his normal location . . . what happens next will blow you right out of the water . . . When Whales Watch!

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