MARA-thon Blog Tour #2 2012 Archive


October 11: Mara Purl launches the Double Double Heart Blog Tour

October 23: Christopher Lewis, Dad of DivasTRANSCRIPT PDF
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on Dad of Divas:

October 30: Sue Leonard, All Things FulfillingTRANSCRIPT PDF: 10/29/12
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on All Things Fulfilling:

October 31: Anne Holmes, Women Baby BoomersTRANSCRIPT PDF
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on National Association of Baby Boomer Women:

November 1: Romance JunkiesTRANSCRIPT PDF
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on Romance Junkies:

November 2: Kathy Holmes, California Girl FictionTRANSCRIPT PDF
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on California Girl Fiction:

November 5: Melissa, The Novice ChristianTRANSCRIPT PDF
Mara’s Double-Blog Back on The Novice Christian:

November 6: Liz, Devoted Mommy of 3TRANSCRIPT PDF

November 7: Jacinta, Charisma Media Network TRANSCRIPT PDF

November 8: Susan, Cosie Corner BlogspotTRANSCRIPT PDF

November 9: Rachel, Stressed RachTRANSCRIPT PDF

November 12: Mike Parker, and Buddy HollywoodTRANSCRIPT PDF

November 14: Julie Polette, A Latte and Some WordsTRANSCRIPT PDF

November 15: Julie Polette, Women Writing the West TRANSCRIPT PDF

November 16: Jane Stanfield, Where Is She Heading TRANSCRIPT PDF

November 19:: Katy Sullivan: Eternal Optimist • TRANSCRIPT PDF