Radiation and Radiating

With all the current fears about radiation, I decided to delve into the word. Radiation is defined as a process in which energetic particles or energy waves travel. They travel through a medium, like water, or they travel through space, and they radiate outward by straight lines in all directions from their source.

There are many kinds of radiation, and we’ve come to rely on them for communication and power, diagnosis and treatment, weaponry and cooking. We’ve gotten used to words like microwave, X-ray, thermal, and radio. And ever since man began to trod the planet we’ve been relying on the visible light and heat that radiates from our sun.

One of the ways we use radiation is to see into what would otherwise be opaque. Seeing into things is the job of anyone writing Women’s Fiction, and indeed we need to develop keen X-ray vision into matters of the heart if we’re to write novels that touch, move and inspire. What the usual behaviors of every day life conceal, we authors endeavor to reveal by penetrating through to the core of what makes someone tick. Women’s fiction is not so much about facts as it is about truth.

Radiating is an analogous word that almost always refers to something good. One radiates joy and good will. A joyful person is often described as being radiant.

Since I’ve just finished writing What the Heart Knows—the publisher has it now, and is printing Advanced Reader Copies soon—I wondered what else I should know about the heart, and I came up with something I hadn’t really thought about before. The heart radiates. It radiates love for those we care about; enthusiasm for activities that match our desires; warnings against danger. And it radiates compassion for those in need especially in Japan right now.

Safety protocols re: protection from contaminated foods:http://www.naturalnews.com/031728_nuclear_contamination_glutathione.html

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