Re-Write the Narrative of your Heart

Authors, editors and publishers talk a lot about re-writing, and how important it is in creating great fiction. This might be especially true in my genre—Women’s Fiction—which must be rich in detail without losing its flow.

With the (very exciting!) upcoming national hardcover launch of my Milford-Haven Novels, I’ve been in major “re-write” mode. While it’s been daunting, nothing could have prepared me for how inherently valuable the process of rewriting the narrative really is.

What words was I using to tell myself the narrative of my own heart? Was I using words like “limited time” and “afraid it won’t be good enough”? Were phrases creeping into my daily-story like “wish market conditions were better,” or “if only I had more help?”

Was I stuck with these repetitive, recurring word-forms and their results? Or could I actually re-write at such a deep level that my own narrative would change? I’m convinced we do have the ability to explore and investigate different ways of being. Maybe that’s why I write women’s fiction, to explore these possibilities, to open doors for myself, and for others.

It’s a lot easier to stick with the same old attitudes and patterns. A new narrative throws us way out of our comfort zone. But by re-writing the old stories that we carry around inside ourselves, we open the “book” on a whole new realm of possibility for ourselves and our lives.

Rewriting the narrative of my heart has meant daring to think differently about myself, letting go of limitation and fear. What will rewriting the narrative of your heart mean in your life? Join me as I transform my novels, and my novels transform me. Maybe they’ll transform you too. Your heart will let you know!

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  1. SandySays1 says:

    I really enjoyed your post and can identify with it. My human is ten days older than dirt and its something he says you have to do constantly. Though the human species retains a good part of its cave-honed instincts, the nuances are shifting continously. Those who slavishly cling to the views they’ve “always held,” that don’t evolve, become obsolete, and to the reader, irrelevant. The trap is not be satisfied with a one time or periodic over-haul. The human condition is changing constantly, and at this point in our evolution its geometric in nature. Its good to ask what has changed from yesterday — everyday.

  2. Congratulations on the new blog and the new launch, Mara! Wishing you all the best.

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