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Milford-Haven Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Mara Purl hosts the 25th anniversary of her original radio drama Milford-Haven with original cast members, local sponsors, broadcasters, journalists and friends in Cambria, California, where the show began.
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Happy Dragon of Wales

In this new Year of the Dragon, here’s my second musing on this mythological figure that has so many versions in different cultures. This time I honor my own ancestral beast, the happy dragon of Wales. I say “happy” because to me the beautifully exuberant creature emblazoned on the flag of Wales represents courage and energy, and an unstoppable drive to achieve the goal.

One of the qualities of this dragon is surely his magic—he breaths fire, he flies through the air, he journeys through time. So perhaps this sense of magic is one of the things we need to invoke when we have a goal in mind.… Read more

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