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Part I – Books versus TV, Narrative Voice versus Scripted Scenes: Longmire, Outlander

A Guest Post by Mara Purl

Every author wants their novels to be made into a film or a television series. Right?

So let’s take a look at how these two worlds of “series”—both the readable and the viewable kind—connect, overlap, or compete. Some people discover a great series first on TV, then want to dig deeper by reading the original books. Some don’t want to see the adaptation on a screen until they’ve delved into the books, sometimes referred to by producers as “source material.”

Here we’ll take a look at works by Diana Gabaldon (the Outlander series), and Craig Johnson (the Longmire series).… Read more

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Blog Tour Visit #5 – Romance Junkies

Mara Purl guests on the Romance Junkies blog site, where she discusses her serial novel, based on her BBC radio drama Milford-Haven USA, and reveals how her serial stories track characters wrestling with deeper issues, a profound path to true romance.
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Milford-Haven Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Mara Purl hosts the 25th anniversary of her original radio drama Milford-Haven with original cast members, local sponsors, broadcasters, journalists and friends in Cambria, California, where the show began.
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