Go With the Flow

The big snows in the high California mountains are melting. This seems the perfect time to think about life in terms of flow.

Several years ago, I discovered the fantastic book Flow:The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi—a name I did finally learn how to pronounce. Excited, I called my dear friend Vickie to share the book, only to have her interrupt me because she had a book to share—the very same one.

Does this mean flow is related to synchronicity? Yes! The invisible, organizing power of the universe does operate when we allow ourselves to “go with the flow.”

That may sound like a Hippie-Surfer-Dude expression (and as a Californian, I do know several surfer dudes of immense wisdom.) But going with the flow can be active rather than a passive laissez-faire, don’t-sweat-it, “whatever” thing. How?

We could start by noticing what’s flowing in our lives, and what isn’t. For example, for me writing my Women’s Fiction series is definitely flowing, almost faster than I can type. But regular exercise? That seems to have gotten frozen along with the high mountain rivers. So my husband coaxed me out onto a hiking trail, and immediately I could feel energy move that hadn’t moved in a while, a re-balancing, a re-synchronizing.

We could also use some imagery to visualize more clearly what “optimal experience” might look like. In the macro sense, it could be continued economic recovery, less political polarity, more help for Japan. In the micro sense, it could be more time with the kids, better conversations with loved ones, a cup of tea with a close woman friend.

How do we define flow for ourselves? Well, talk about synchronicity . . . I looked up the word in the Synonym Finder and there, to my amazement, I found one word that seemed to leap off the page: purl. It’s true, purl is a synonym for flow, so this certainly qualifies as a word with core meaning for me. What happens when I tune in to what the heart knows and visualize FLOW in my life? A river of clear thoughts and pure love flows over the landscape of life, shaping projects, relationships and events into a perfect heart.

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