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Authors & Legacies

These authors, and their works, shall not be forgotten. The written and published word is being burnished anew, illuminated with a fresh light from the powerful Colorado sun.
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Why Do Words Count?

Words are the connective tissue between idea and expression. We tell ourselves about our ideas with words, using them to move from vague conjecture to clear concept.
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Short Shorter Shortest Fiction

New trends in fiction include novellas, novelettes, short stories and flash fiction. This intro points to a comprehensive guest post All About Shorter Fiction.
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Serial Novels are the Dickens

A world-wide celebration is under way to celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of an important February birthday—that of one of the great authors of the English language. It seems to be a bit of a mania with exhibits from the Morgan Library & Museum in New York, to an elaborate puppet show festival in Colorado; from multiple offerings in London to Dickens World in Kent, England. Through the decades, Dickens has found his way onto the stage in more productions than can be counted, and onto the silver screen in 320 films, to date.

My own introduction to Charles Dickens came early, and was so woven into the fabric of my childhood that I can’t imagine my life without the presence of his characters with their failures and triumphs.… Read more

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History as Heart Stories

History---political, emotional, spiritual---is ultimately personal story. Tracing my own ancestors, I found an amazing connection to Milford-Haven!
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